5 Books to be Rich

You would say we can become rich by just reading books, how? Because here in these books you would get financial knowledge and that my readers would take on you on your journey to become RICH.


 Well, you all know that if you want to become an engineer, you will have to study B. Tech and if you want to become a doctor, you will have to study MBBS and my question to you is that if you want to become rich then what do you study? Let me first tell you one thing that all the people who become rich, do not become rich just anyhow. They have Financial education, which is not available in school and college, But your surrounding environment can be like where you can't get financial education, So is it not your right to be rich? If you want to become rich then in this blog I am going to suggest 5 books according to me through which you can get financial education by reading them and by learning them.

1.Money Master the Game


Book which comes at number five. My very favorite book is called “Money Master the Game". I have placed it at the number 5, there are seven simple steps. According to Anthony Robbins whose face you can see on the cover. We can call him king inside the Motivational Speaking World because they have set the fire within the self-improvement industry. Before this there was Jim Rohn and he has been a student of Jim Rohn, I will highly suggest you read this, there are seven sections inside it when you open this book. You will see that it has 7 sections and in every section, you move one step forward with every section. You will understand that the financial education you want to take, that you need to learn a lot which you don't know now. So for that, I would suggest this book.

2.Think And Grow Rich

The book which comes on the number 4, I started reading it almost 8 years ago and it is still my favorite is called "think and grow rich". The information inside this book is by Napoleon Hill who is the author of this book. He has done a tremendous job. He did that work that when he wrote this book he did not just write this book, He interviewed the richest people of that time and when you see the list of the richest people, you will get names like Henry Fayol, Thomas Alva Edison are the people who have become the richest people of their time and their secrets are available to you. When I first read the title of this book “think and grow rich, think and become rich”. I felt very strange but after 8 years I can tell you from my heart that we become rich by thinking. Specifically, The Burning Desire which has been discussed in this book. If it comes inside you and If you know those rules too, you can also think in a direction to become rich so this is the book which I suggest on 4th number.

3.Psychology of money


If you want to earn money and you want more information, I am suggesting a book whose name is "psychology of money", but more than Psychology, when you will read this book, then you will get to know about big interesting incidents. You will get to know a lot not only about Psychology but also about the business field and stock market. So this is a book that people who want a little advanced level information so this is the book which I would suggest on the third number.

4.The Richest Man in Babylon

So there is a book that you will like very much and you all can read any child to old age, so in that I will not say that there is some deep or advanced level information, there is simple information. What to do if you want to become rich. Now you can read The Richest Man in Babylon city. You will get to know the history of this city, then you will find that among the richest cities in our history, Babylon was one of the cities which was the world’s richest city of that time and inside that city, there is the richest man. It is a book on how he became rich, how he became much poorer, and How he went from poor to rich. There are the Secrets of him in this book so there are many people who are on the base level today but they want to become rich so you can read this book ”The richest man in the Babylon city”.

5.The Last Book for your Best Life