7 Ways To Earn Money From Credit Card

Pay with a credit card

If you pay with a credit card now and keep your money in a savings account then you can earn interest on the money kept in your bank account.

● Because savings accounts pay interest but keep your funds easy to access, they’re a good option for parking cash you’ll want in the short term or to cover an emergency. 

 ● In exchange for the ease and liquidity that savings accounts offer, you’ll earn a lower rate than more restrictive savings instruments and investments might pay. 

● The amount you can withdraw from a savings account is generally unlimited.

Increase your cibil score

When you use a credit card your CIBIL SCORE grows. You spend millions with debit cards, your CIBIL SCORE won't increase but If you pay with a credit card and you do timely repayment, then your CIBIL SCORE will keep increasing. There are a lot of benefits. If your CIBIL SCORE keeps increasing and has gone above 800, then you can apply for a loan anytime. If you buy a car in the future or buy a house, you will get interest cheaper by buying a vehicle or House. I will give you an example here. If your CIBIL SCORE is good, then SBI gives you the loan At a rate of 6.5%, But if you do not have a good CIBIL SCORE. Suppose your CIBIL SCORE is less than 700, the bank does not give you a loan, then you will have to go to private banks. Suppose You go to IDFC Bank or you go after private players who give you a loan. They charge a 9% rate of interest, I do not say that 9% is more or less but you just compare 6.5% and 9% it is costly


You get cashback when using a credit card. You will always see offers, There is an offer on SBI Credit Card, on HDFC, and more. It is beneficial for those who have credit cards because your money is getting saved. Suppose you purchased an AC or a fridge, of 50000 and there was a cashback of 10% then you saved 5000 there and if you purchase 10 things like this in a year you will save 50,000 for the year.

Reward Points

Most credit cards use a points system that allows you to earn when you use your card. Credit card companies offer promotions where purchases in specific categories—like restaurants—earn you more rewards than usual. These rewards are redeemable for gift cards or actual items in the credit company’s rewards catalog. Every 3 months or in every 4 months that reward points will come to you by which you buy a lot of things again your money is getting saved.

Points to remember when using credit card

1. Keep in mind that if you spend by credit card, then you always have to make a timely payment because if you do not pay timely, else they charge hefty interest. You should make payment 4 to 5 days before the payment day.

2. Whatever your credit limit is, stay on the inner side. Suppose it has a limit of 100000 so do not spend more than 60000 on your credit card because your CIBIL will go down. Whatever you have any credit limit, exhaust it completely every month 

3. Whenever you spend from a credit card, have a sufficient balance. Don't Get caught in trap of credit card because those credit card one's know a thing, that one day you will default and they will charge interest.