How to Earn Money Online from Mobile Phone?

Can we use mobile phones and earn money? This is a very big question, which many people want to know. Is there any mobile application which you can just download and your account would get money from or is there something which you can refer to and earn money from. Today I will tell you about one such app with which from today you will download and register on it then you will get money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing very simply means that you recommend someone's product or service. We refer something to a person and we are working for a company then that company in return gives us a commission. But is there any company that if we just download the application and register on it then for that registration we get money.


So I will tell you about one such platform. If you register on it then you will get 200 credits. In the 5paisa application if you go to the refer and earn section then you will find very first there is a Kawasaki Ninja bike on offer, that you can get it, how let's talk about it very first. If you will refer 5paisa to the first person then you get 500 rupees and this can come directly in your account. If we ourselves register on it then we get 200 credits. Now what is this credit, let's understand. If you want to invest in the stock market then 5paisa is one of the platforms where you will register to open your Demat account. If you open your Demat account then the company straight away sends 200 credits in your bank account. You cannot directly withdraw this credit in your account, for this there is a condition, the company says that we want to increase awareness, people should get to know about Stock Market investing. So in starting we are giving them money, we cannot withdraw this amount but with it they can purchase shares. If you purchase any company shares and if you sell them then you can take that money in your account for that you would have to hold the shares for 30 days. In the refer and earn section if you also go in your reference section you will see that you can copy your link and share it on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. Whoever will open the account with your link you will get 500 rupees which you can directly withdraw in your account plus if that person trades then 250 rupees more. So basically 750 rupees you will get after one refer. Will you get the money every time you refer to the answer is no. You are going to get this from the first person after this as many people will register from your link and you will get 250 rupees in your account. Company gives you some additional benefits, when you download the app, when you register you will get to know about everything. You will get to know the details of the offer that they are giving you a kawasaki Ninja bike, last month it was a 50 gram gold coin. If someone performs better then we will give them a Kawasaki Ninja bike, how you will get the details when you will register yourself and get to know all the details. If you have Aadhar Card and PAN card then you can very easily register on this as your Demat account will be opened you can share this with many people everyone will get this 250 after that when you will refer if you will get 500 rupees that is plus 250 and that is 750 rupees + you would get 250 on subsequent registration. Account opening is 100% free. Any Demat account opening company which is a brokerage company can deduct any amount of money from your account so this awareness is very necessary that if we will open the account then we will face some charges there is nothing like that. No broker can deduct anything from your account so your money is hundred percent safe and you will get this money in your account.

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