Win In Network Marketing

Win in Network Marketing

Let's learn 4 concepts to win in network marketing.



Today I am going to give you four concepts inside this blog. If you started applying these four concepts from today, then you can set fire in the market. You will be so powerful with these four concepts to make a complete transformation in your life based on these four concepts. 

So I will tell you one by one, you not only have to understand them but also to implement them. I want this from you. 

Very First Concept

For now I am going to begin with the very first concept. The first concept is that if you want to succeed very fast, then first you will have to change your ideology. You will have to change. You have to change what you think about yourself and how you represent yourself and what I mean by change here is I want you to become a concept seller. 

 If you are in a profession where you want people to associate with you, then you have to understand that you do not sell products. We don't even have to sell the plan, we have to sell the concept. Selling a good plan is better than selling products. Selling, but with a Concept of entrepreneurship mindset. Now by selling concepts I mean the same way Like Entrepreneur pitch his idea Suppose I am an entrepreneur and I want to pitch up my idea. Investor is in front of me. How can I pitch my idea? Like you pitch your idea. Well, like my energy will change. Imagine yourself thinking you're on the position of Steve Jobs. What will Steve Jobs say if he wants to launch an iPhone. Will he say that I have a very good phone in my hand or will he say something in such a way that

" I do not have just a mobile phone in my hand. What I am holding is the revolution it is on my hand. This is a revolution. It will Change the way people use their phones. When this product will come on the market." 

when we are representing the concept in this way, our energy has changed. What concepts can you pitch in network marketing? People do not understand what we do, so there are so many questions. I am here to help you, so now how to understand the concept. 

What does network marketing do? Network Marketing is giving employment opportunities. Network marketing is giving people an opportunity to earn extra income. If you can earn money from here, then this is a real opportunity to finish unemployment from India. We can give people opportunities so he wants to do it or not. Whether a donkey will be intelligent or not, it is in his hand, but at least to tell the donkey that education can make him intelligent. This is our business. Tell people that brother, you can do extra earning from here. This is our job. We radiate the problem of u employment, we are finishing unemployment. And we are educating people toward extra earnings opportunities. 

So now you have to sell a concept to people so what is the concept seller? See today I have started network marketing and after some days I will have to tell people what network marketing is. Let's start from zero, that will not be my focus at all, that I should tell you how good my product is or I should tell you how good my plan is. When I have to associate myself with people, I have to tell them what my concept is, what I am going to do, what I am going to do in the long term, what we are doing here. What we are all doing together, we are selling only goods. We believe in the commission by joining such people. What is your concept?


What is our concept? Tell the long term Vision, share a case study, about the people who became rich. What happens with it? A story line is being created and if you see history, the people believe in the storyline, then people convert thoughts after believing to the story line. Now we want to talk. Talk about Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad and about Gautam Buddha. Now you would say why am I taking their name? These are the Greatest Networkers in the World. Their networks are running till today, so if we want to build the network then our concepts should be clear. What kind of concept did Gautam Buddha adopt in front of people, what concept are you sharing this is what matters. What is your concept? Which concept did Prophet Muhammad adopt or Jesus Christ adopt. 

What is your concept? 

 What do you want to tell the world? How can you become the greatest network? When your own concepts are not clear so the first thing to do is clear your concepts regarding network marketing. After that you have to share your concepts with people. What we do is make people self-made. We are giving people the skills and opportunities that people need. This is what we do in network marketing and the proper concept to tell them. We will definitely talk about that concept But to tell you that you change your ideology so that you become a good concept seller. Turn off product sellers and plan sellers, this is what I want. 

Your second concept

So the second concept is that "The game in our network marketing is the game of transfer of energy and Joining will come if energy is transferred" Joining will not come if energy is not transferred. But what is amazing is that if the distributor's own energy goes to the downline, then the energy will transfer . Like, first you get your voltage checked. What is your voltage, how much current is there in you, and if you do not have current then what will you do with the transfer? Until the current is transferred. Sales will not come, Joining will not come. I am telling you right now, see those people. What is the level of energy for those whose sales and Joining are present, what is the benefit of your energy. We will talk about two things. How will energy increase? How will energy decrease? When you will get regular Motivation from here. You are watching my video, or reading my blog then, you do not have to keep this energy to yourself? If you want to transfer it, then you have to Prospect. How do you transfer? If you are a distributor, please transfer it to the prospectus. If you are a leader, now transfer it to the new people in the team to the new blood. If you are an upline, then transfer it to the down line and keep transferring , do not stop. It is because if you keep it and you go to bed at night, then that bed takes all your energy and absorbs it. Energy gets lost and then you again need motivation for charging in the morning. The next day you Need new information again, then come back to my channel again. You will keep on charging, but it is up to you to transfer it. How energy decreases and how to not make that happen. Now how the energy goes, see like your bed is energy Sucker. If you stay on the bed, you will be lying on the couch, then your energy will be decreased. Now the people at home who are lying in bed, their energy remains down. Apart from this, watching negative videos, talking to negative people, coming to the influencers of the negative people who are negative. People who are getting negative, being in their company, they are destroying your energy. So you have to keep waking up your energy, rejenuating. Just transfer the energy, keep that energy high, transfer the energy and just maintain the energy. Now you should have to feel the power that I want to make you feel. Transfer the power increased. This game is the game of "Transfer of Energy".

Your third concept

Network Marketing requires Consistency. Consistency will give you the results. This concept should be clear. A person starts a business today, a person also starts a small shop, so if he knows that if I lease this shop, then I have to pay rent for a year. Even if the customer does not come. He has to pay rent because that person knows this. But when we come into the network marketing business and we have just joined. We see Someone has a cheque of 5 lakhs. You don't work at all and thank you would get the same. How long have you dedicated your shop , how many customers have you engaged? We should not think that we should just get the money. Without work, no money comes. Here we are not playing a lottery system. This is business. I am correcting you today. Network marketing is not the lottery system. Network marketing is a proper business where we engage distributors with us. We make distributors into leaders and And when we make leaders and leaders, then we structure an Empire, that makes us money. Network marketing is not a lottery. This is a proper business and there is a need for consistency in this business A person is opening a shop. How long does he have to open shop, daily. Can he take a day off in a week, NO the shop will have to be opened daily. What do people do throughout the year, they open a shop for a week, then close it for 1 month. This is what people in network marketing do. They will work for four to five days that we are joining, then disappear for a month or two. Sir, I will come and work for two to four days, then disappear. How will the cheque come, if you won't be consistent. Where is the consistency, you are working regularly, you have to build a business. And become an Entrepreneur but you do not do regular work. How will it happen again? You Will have to do regular work. Consistency is the key, remember it. Consistency is the key, for any success you Have to work continuously. Results are coming, not coming. Keep working. This Is the Game of Consistency. 

Your fourth concept

Finally the fourth concept is you need help. Yes, we need help. Network marketing requires help. This concept should also be clear. See you work, Now you will do business, you get some challenge. You need help on this challenge. You need guidance In fact from your upline, I would like to tell you today that when I started my career in network marketing business and this business gave me the beginning in my career this business was my rocket launcher. Because of network marketing, I am so thankful to this industry that I want you to be successful too if you come in this industry and you must clear the concept to be successful. It is my job to support you on your challenge. I'd like to tell you that I set up an entire call center. To help you all, if you are in network marketing and if you have any problem. See, every person has different problems, so for your problems I have set up the whole team. The entire center has been set up so that you can get help. You will be able to become self made. If I succeed, this is the time to pay back to society. And I want you all to succeed, If you are having any challenge, then talk to our counselor. They will give you a solution and we are always ready to help you with your problem. You can call 24/7 on +919990059930 anytime. My team will help you, my counselors will help you.

{{Pushkar Raj Thakur}}
Network Marketing Trainer