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Become A Financial Advisor

"Financial Education To Financial Freedom"

Instructor: Rahul Jain

Language: Hindi,English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Course Module

Lesson 1: Financial Education To Financial Freedom

Lesson 2: Understand The Financial Tools

Lesson 3: 5 Rules Of Money

Lesson 4: What is Income Tax?

Lesson 5: Retail Banking 

Lesson 6: Finance Career?

Lesson 7: Why Insurance?

Lesson 8: History of Insurance?

Lesson 9: Types of Insurance?

Lesson 10: How to Achieve Financial Freedom?

Lesson 11: Mindset Development?

Lesson 12: Role of Insurance Consultant?

Lesson 13: Sales Process?

Lesson 14: Success Ratio?

Lesson 15: Power of Consistency Formula?

Lesson 16: Cross-Selling V/S Up-Selling?

Lesson 17: Post Office and Govt. Schemes?

Lesson 18: Mutual Funds/Shares/Bonds/SIP/ELSS

Lesson 19: Life Insurance?

Lesson 20: Health Insurance?

Lesson 21: Motor Insurance?

Lesson 22: Why People fails in the Financial Industry?

And Many More.

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